Key Features of the Product

Connect with Computer to any Microscope to view & save digital images (instead of using eye piece)

Camera with High-Resolution Sensor

State-of-the-Art Software for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Analyze Microscopy Images with state-of-art Software

Additional Urine Microscopy Automatic Analysis Coming Soon!

State-of-the-Art Software Digital Images and Video Analysis for Microscopy

Record: Record, Save and Do a Lot with Digital Images with our Software
Live Stream: Live video and still image capture in different resolutions.
Advanced Image Analysis: stitching, extended depth of focus and video recording. Transform images via edge detection, digital image warping, conduct measurements for single, parallel or perpendicular lines, and rectangular, elliptical and irregular areas
Measure Features: conduct measurements for lengths, angles, arcs, and image area
Save images: saves still images in BMP, TIFF, JPG, PICT, PTL or other formats for future analysis
Additional features: add layers, watermarks, mosaics, tiles, adjust color balance, exposure, saturation, contrast, orientation, change resolution, histogram, granulation, diffusion, adds notes, measurements, text, arrows, labels, and much more!

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Phone Support to install the product

Free upgrade to the latest software for first two years

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