Key Features of the App


Dip the Spark Diagnostics strip in fresh sample


Remove excess sample and wait 60 seconds


Use the Spark Diagnostics Mobile App to take a picture. Repeat the steps for additional analysis

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The App is designed to work with majority of the Mobile phones with its associated App. The App is available for iOS and Android devices. The app (in Beta test version) uses a unique algorithm to provide automation so that the analysis can be done with a single press of a button and the results automatically stored to give trends. Simply dip the SparkWater, SparkPool or SparkUrine dipstick in urine sample, remove access sample and wait for 60 seconds, and Click — It’s that Simple. App provides ability for user to store the data and make it available for professional doctor consultation. You no longer have to store your results.

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Spark Diagnostics Mobile apps allows simple, affordable, and portable analysis of your urine sample with mobile phone device using the associated strips.