How To Use


No visual reading required. Use the free app to scan the strip for testing and get the readings


The app indicates if the values are in appropriate range for pool water


App stores your readings/data (account registration required)

Product Features

Standard Water Test Strips SPARK Urine Test System with Mobile App
Readings Method
Readings Method Visual App
Suggestion on Pool Chemicals
Suggestion on Pool Chemicals X
Recommendation of Chemicals to Buy
Recommendation of Chemicals to Buy X (w/ App)
Ease of Use and Instant Results
Ease of Use and Instant Results X (w/ App)

SparkPool W-5P

Hassle Free, Quick & Economical

Quick and exact measurement of your water chemical levels in 30 seconds

5 Tests in One

5-in-1 water test kit for Pool and Spa for Free Chlorine, pH, total Hardness, total Alkalinity, and Cyanuric acid

Fast, Free, and Convenient Smartphone mobile app

No visual color chart reading required with associated app. Easy-to-use smartphone test system app, Spark Water available in iOS and Android

Trend Monitoring and Product Recommendation in App

Build historical trends that helps to improve consistency in maintaining your spa or pool chemical balance

Customer support

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