Introducing CoV-Check NAb Test - Quantitative Measurement of Covid-19 immunity levels using WHO-Calibrated titer and a Mobile App!

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Spark D

Know your D, To Live D≡sease Free

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All info at one place to track your diet, including insights from Urine Testing

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Urinalysis With Mobile

Revolutionizing the way you read your urine strips

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Know Your Water

Pool, Spa, and Drinking water testing

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Spark Micro

Next Generation Microscopy, Image Analysis Camera & Software from Spark Diagnostics

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Urinalysis With Mobile

Urine testing made simple, affordable, and portable for medical labs

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Keep track of your diet and health goals with the urine test

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Water Testing

Water test products for pool, spa and drinking water

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Urine App

Urine Testing without hassle of visual reading and recording

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DietTracker App

Track urine vitals for your diet

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Water App

Water check to keep your balance

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Learn how to use our Apps


Diet Tracker


Spark-D vitamin D

Features of the Apps

  • Fast free convenient smart phone reading
  • Just Click — Scan your strip and save results
  • Access and print the results from anywhere
  • Fast free convenient smart phone reading of Keto or Keto/pH urine strips
  • Track your vitals and history
  • Get suggestion of recipes & supplements to stay with your diet goals
  • Instantly test your pool, spa or drinking water with simple scan
  • Know your water chemistry balance for pool/spa
  • Get suggestion on products to use!

IOT (software) Development Services Info

We Develop Technology using Image Analysis and Machine Learning for your products!



Gather details of the product and conceptualize the solution



Form detail plan with designers and developers



Develop and test the solution working with you



Deploy quality product

Reviews Showcase

Urinalysis Product

Great concept and a long time overdue. I saved Rs 60,000 on Urinalyzer instrument. I use the app everyday to save my patients result, and access/print from web.

India Urine Test System Customer

Pool Product

Essential for any pool owner that likes to maintain their own pool... very accurate and have verified with the pool store and their sophisticated testing equipment

Amazon Customer USA

Pool Product

ery happy with the purchase - don’t buy other cheap products. I couldn’t be more happy with the purchase. Initially I was wary of the slightly higher price that I was paying compared to other cheap products. However, it is worth it - trust me people. If you own a smartphone, this product will make your life so easy. I always hated comparing the color charts with curvy labels on the box. No more reading chart one parameter at time - I just click the photo and my phone does the rest! Great app and concept.

Amazon customer USA

Water Testing Product

I installed the Spark App on my Ipad. It steps you through what to do. Dip the strip, even has a timer for the 30 second wait, take a picture of the strip and you'll receive your results. The app tells you your ranges or you can read it off the bottle, your choice. I normally keep my test results in a notebook. This will store your results for you and you can access easily from the app. It's exactly what I had hoped for. Thanks for such a great product and such a reasonable price.

Amazon customer USA

Urinalysis Products

Amazing product that will immensely benefit patients and make urine testing convenient for users – medical laboratories, hospitals, clinics and patients

Dr. Nishant Jalandhara Nephrologist in Dallas, Texas, USA